Aquatic Plants

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Water features in a garden not only provide the soothing sound of running water and a peaceful place to sit and have that cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but they also open up a whole new world of gardening.

Aquatic plants are beautiful and easy to grow—you never have to worry about watering them! Plants are essential ingredients in creating a balanced ecosystem. Plants and bacteria work together to use up the nutrients in a pond, thus controlling algae, which is competing for the same nutrients.

We strongly recommend the Aquascape© system of pond building. These ponds are lined with rock and gravel, which, besides being aesthetically pleasing, provide a medium in which to place aquatic plants. The gravel is simply pulled aside, the roots of the plant are placed directly on the rubber liner, and the gravel is pulled back around and over the roots. Aquatic plants grown this way (as opposed to being grown in containers placed in the pond), are removing nutrients directly from the pond water, rather than getting their nutrients from the dirt in a pot. In addition, they look a whole lot better than plants in pots, and they add to the natural look of the pond.

Hardy plants can simply be left in the pond for the winter. Most tropical plants make great houseplants for the winter. Just pot them up and bring them in so that they can continue growing all winter. In the spring, put them back in the pond.

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