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Tennessee Ridge, TN
(Fred Smith - GN) 30 inches-M-D-TET; orange with red eyezone; fast grower and heavy bloomer..
The Razor's Edge
sharp looking hosta with an upright habit which draws attention to the extremely bright red petioles..
The Shining
solid gold-yellow counterpart to 'Cathedral Windows'; large yellow leaves with nice puckering; fragr..
Thumb Print
(Peck-Hardy 1970) 26 inches-M-D-TET-5 inches; red yellow and purple bi-color, lighter rib..
Tiger Swirl
(Rasmussen 2000) 32 inches-M-FR-D-TET-6.5 inches; huge flowers are light golden yellow with a pronou..
puckered, cup-shaped blue foliage..
Tom Schmid
striking sport of 'Krossa Regal'; upright clump of frosty, blue-gray leaves with clean white margins..
very unusual small hosta with thick, dark green, slender, slightly corkscrewed leaves; looks great a..
Tot Tot
cute, dark green dwarf..
Touch of Class
tetraploid form of 'June' emerges with intense blue color with a gold flame in the center; more upri..
Toy Soldier
excellent sport of 'Blue Cadet'; same nice growth habit and leaf shape with the addition of a cream ..
Tuscawilla Tigress
(Hansen 1988) 25 inches-EM-SE-TET-7.25 inches; large flowers with gold midribs and darker orange eye..
Twice as Nice
a tetraploid sport of 'Ambrosia', and as hybridizer Bob Solberg puts it, this form is twice as nice;..
undulata 'Albomarginata'
green with white edges; fast grower..
large, green leaves; dark purple flowers..
ventricosa 'Aureomaculata'
lovely light center in spring; turns all green; dark purple flowers..
ventricosa 'Aureomarginata'
shiny, deep green with jagged, creamy borders; dark purple flowers..
huge mound of attractively margined foliage; sport of nigrescens 'Elatior'..
Victory Lap
rounded blue-green leaves with wide cream margins that make a full 'Victory Lap' around the whole le..
classy, white-centered sport of 'Captain Kirk'; yellow streaks occur where the white centers meet th..
Waiting in Vein
bright gold foliage is deeply veined and slightly rippled; good substance..
heavily rippled and wavy blue leaves are of heavy substance and hold their blue color well into the ..
Wedding Band
(Stamile 1987) 26 inches-M-D-FR-6.5 inch; creamy white flower edged in yellow with green throat; a b..
extremely wavy leaves from the crown out to the leaf tips; green leaves with cream margins..
White Bikini
showy sport of 'Striptease'; dark green margins and narrow white centers; twisted leaf tips; vigorou..
White Feather
rare and unusual hosta that comes up all white in the spring, turns slowly to green by summer, as it..
White Temptation
(Sellers 1978) 32 inches-M-SE-DIP-5 inches; near white self with green throat, nocturnal..
Willis and Hattie
(Henry 1982) 23 inches-ML-D-DIP-6.5 inches; butterscotch self; Pauline Henry's first introduction..
Wilson Spider
(Oakes 1987) 28 inches-M-D-DIP-7.5 inches; 4.60:1; big open blooms with large yellow throat and deep..
green foliage with 1/4 inch, creamy white margins; from Dick and Jane Ward..
Winter Vision
(Salter 2000) 22 inches-M-SE-TET-5.5 inches; pale cream white with gold bubbled edge..
Wishing Well
a fine large, blue specimen with cupped and puckered leaves; color holds through the season better t..
Words of Love
(Stamile 2001) 22 inches-EM-EV-TET-6.5 inches; rose pink with apple green pink watermark and gold ed..
Wrinkle in Time
dark green leaves have creamy yellow margins in spring that mature to creamy white in summer; a spor..
a variegated sport of 'Empress Wu' with the same size and presence, and good substance; blue-green l..
Wylde Green Cream
striking, yellow-centered, green-margined sport of 'Vanilla Cream'; good contrast..
small mound of slightly cupped blue-green foliage with a variable yellow center that flares into the..
Yankee Blue
vigorous blue hosta forms a full, symmetrical, wide mound of elongated wedge-shaped leaves; waxy lea..
Yellow River
dark green leaves with flowing yellow margins; beautiful clump..
You Angel You
(Stamile 1993) 15 inches-E-SE-DIP-2 inches; cute peach double with a red eye; some rebloom..

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