Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

Deer can be devastating to young trees. If you have deer around, protect your investment. Bucks love to mark their territory by rubbing their antlers on slender trees. They can easily remove enough bark to kill a young tree. We wrap all young trees in early September with plastic corrugated sheets that are 4’ by 1’. We wrap the plastic around the tree with the white side out, to repel the sun, thus preventing splitting of the bark from winter sunburn. We tie it with two pieces of twine, and the tree is protected from the deer for the winter. These corrugated plastic sheets are available here for $5.00 each.

If you have evergreens, you may need to protect them with wire fencing. We buy 4’ tall fencing with 2” x 4” welded squares from a farm store such as TSC, Rural King, Farm King or Farm and Fleet, and cut pieces big enough to go around whatever evergreen or group of evergreens we are trying to protect. Then we drive T posts in the ground to support the fencing. It’s work and it’s an expense, but letting the deer destroy what you have planted is no fun.

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