Daylilies are one of the easiest perennials to grow. Most varieties bloom during July, when many gardens are in need of some color. However, there are varieties blooming from late June to late August. Daylilies will bloom best if they receive six hours or more of sun per day.

Spider and Unusual Form Daylilies -- We have expanded our collection of spider and unusual form daylilies. Spider daylilies are flowers whose petal length is four times the petal's width or more, for a ratio of 4:1 or greater. Unusual forms make up a class of daylilies consisting of 3 types of flowers, based on petal and sepal shapes. Crispates include flowers with pinched, twisted/curled, or quilled segments. Cascades include flowers with pronounced curling or cascading of the petals and sepals. Spatulates include flower segments that are markedly wider at the end. Unusual forms often combine more than one feature.

At Hornbaker Gardens, we grow around 400 varieties of daylilies. We sell them three different ways:

Daylily orders can be placed in any of the following ways:

  1. Most of our customers come and walk through our field during bloom season (generally the first three weeks in July), pick out the varieties they like, and place their orders here.
  2. We are now offering online ordering. Not all of our varieties are available online due to limited quantities. You may check availability by contacting us by phone or email.
  3. We also take orders by phone or fax.

We take orders year round. Customers can elect to come back and pick up their orders on a certain date, or have us mail the orders to them. We only dig orders between April 1 through May 15, and August 1 through September 10.

In spring we will dig and pot up around 60 of our best selling varieties. These can be purchased at our nursery and planted at any time during the growing season.

More and more customers are electing to buy their daylilies in clumps. We don't dig our bareroot orders during the bloom season because we don't want to divide clumps (and disturb the bloom) at that time. However, if you want the whole clump, we will dig it right there on the spot, drop it in a plastic bag, and send you on your way with a mature clump. Prices vary (generally between $15 and $50) depending on the variety and the number of divisions in the clump. Not all varieties are available in clump form. Clumps are not offered online, but they can be shipped. Call or email to check for availability and prices of any certain variety. Shipping and handling charge is $15.00 per clump.

Picking the daylilies for your garden may not be an easy task—so many from which to choose! But what a wonderful way to spend a day…

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