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Dress Blues
frosty blue with narrow,creamy yellow margins..
Dupage Delight
a reversed 'Frances Williams'; gold-centered leaves with thick, blue-green margins..
Dust Devil
reversed from of 'Whirlwind'; dark green centers with showy, creamy margins..
Dylan's Dilly
creamy centered leaves with heavy substance; yellow centered variegation is constant and stable..
Earth Angel
show stopping form of 'Blue Angel', with creamy white borders..
Easy to Love
sharply contrasting, dark blue-green centers and wide, white margins make for an eye catching, small..
Edge of Night
fine dark green clump, with leaves held quite erect..
El Nino
outstanding sport of 'Halcyon'; same chalky blue color, but with a pure white margin..
immense, vase-shaped mound of shiny green foliage; outstanding..
Eleanor J. Reath
huge, intense blue, sieboldiana type; rare..
wavy, twisted leaves of medium green with yellow margins that turn white..
Emerald Necklace
unique leaves with light green centers and dark green, stitched edges; upright grower..
Emerald Ruff Cut
gold centered leaves with rippled, dark green margins; striking clump..
Empress Wu
the largest known hosta in the trade; huge, thick, dark green, deeply veined leaves form a massive ..
excellent white-centered sport of 'Captain Kirk'; dark green margins streak into the center..

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