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Cookie Crumbs
very attractive, white-edged miniature; a sport of 'Tiny Tears'..
Cool as a Cucumber
this vigorous grower forms a showy clump of long, tapered leaves with bright green margins and clear..
rare hosta has shiny, dark green, strap-like foliage with creamy margins..
Cotton Candy
heavily misted green and white foliage, especially on new growth early in the season; changes to bri..
Cracker Crumbs
small mound of gold-centered, green-margined foliage; Bob Solberg's sport of 'Shiny Penny'..
Cup of Grace
very dark green leaves are nicely cupped and held on very upright habit; white flowers make a nice c..
Curly Fries
unusual, small hosta; very wavy, heavily substanced, narrow, yellow leaves give a spidery appearance..
Dance with Me
light yellow, heart-shaped leaves; wide, light green margins; reverse of 'Last Dance'; good substanc..
lively sport of 'Blue Umbrellas'; large leaves with pure white centers; blue-green streaks and margi..
Dancing Queen
exceptional yellow that starts yellow and stays yellow all season; nice piecrust edge on large leave..
Darwin's Standard
like 'Gold Standard'; colors up sooner..
Dawn's Early Light
intense, yellow spring color; nicely ruffled leaves darken to chartreuse in summer..
Day's End
a sport of 'Daybreak' that quickly forms a wide mound; green leaves with gold margins that widen as ..
one of the best large, gold hostas..
Deep Blue Sea
outstanding blue color on round, corrugated leaves..

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