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sport of 'Baby Bunting' with streaky yellow centers; excellent dwarf..
sport of 'Moonlight Sonata'; medium mound of green foliage with creamy white centers; fragrant bluis..
Chief Sitting Bull
massive mound of deep green, corrugated, unruly foliage with excellent substance..
bright, light yellow clump, turning somewhat lime green later in season..
Choko Nishiki
nearly identical to 'On Stage'; a montana type; large pointed leaves with yellow centers..
Choo Choo Train
a majestic, gold clump with thick leaves that are wonderfully ruffled; awesome specimen plant..
Christmas Candy
new sport of 'Night Before Christmas' with narrower green margins and creamy white centers; vigorous..
Christmas Tree
heavily corrugated, creamy-margined foliage; outstanding specimen..
Church Mouse
this sport of 'Blue Mouse Ears' forms a cute clump of blue-green to green, thick leaves; distinguish..
City Lights
brilliant gold color on large leaves with good substance; forms a large mound..
Clear Fork River Valley
huge, rounded, dark green leaves are intensely corrugated; heavy substance..
sport of 'High Noon'; upright grower; corrugated, dark green leaves with bright gold margins..
unruly, thick, blue-green foliage in a medium-sized mound; turns a rich, shiny, dark green by summer..
outstanding piecrust edges on a green hosta with good substance; some dimpling with maturity..
Coast to Coast
solid gold specimen emerges chartreuse yellow then turns lighter gold in summer; very thick, heavily..

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