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light chartreuse with blue margins; cupped, rare sieboldiana-type..
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Brenda's Beauty
lemon yellow with green edges; a sport of 'Gold Standard', brilliant spring color..
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Bressingham Blue
deep blue sieboldiana type; heavy texture..
Bridal Falls
exciting sport of 'Niagara Falls'; cascading green leaves with pale yellow to creamy white margins, ..
from Herb Benedict; heart-shaped, green leaves which curl erectly upward at the tips; ruffled margin..
Broad Band
heart-shaped leaves with extra wide, creamy yellow to creamy white margins that jet into the dark gr..
Brother Ronald
intensely blue foliage; dense clusters of near white flowers; a Tardiana..
Brother Stefan
a spectacular specimen with large, heavily corrugated, gold leaves with wide, dark green margins..
very large, upright mound of rich green foliage with heavily rippled margins..
rich gold, heavily corrugated foliage with good substance; good grower..
narrow, lance-shaped leaves; creamy white with lime green margins..
cute, reversed sport of 'Pandora's Box'; green with creamy white margins..
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Candy Dish
very dark green leaves with heavy substance and incredibly ruffled margins; pretty, lavender flowers..
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Captain Kirk
wide green margins and bright yellow centers; sport of 'Gold Standard' with much better substance an..
dark green leaves with creamy white margins..

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