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Blue Diamond
medium-large mound of intensely blue foliage; good substance; one of the largest Tardianas..
Blue Dimples
dense mound of very blue leaves with good substance; a Tardiana..
Blue Flame
attractive yellow margined sport of 'Fragrant Blue'; good growth rate and fragrant flowers..
Blue Hawaii
stunning, upright specimen of corrugated blue foliage; lightly fragrant flowers..
Out Of Stock
Blue Ivory
exciting new sport of 'Halcyon'; frosty blue centers surrounded with wide, creamy white margins..
Blue Mammoth
huge mound of heavily corrugated, intense blue foliage..
Blue Mouse Ears
outstanding new dwarf cutie; small, round, gray-green leaves with heavy substance..
very waxy light blue leaves are enhanced when grown in half a day of cool sun; a fast growing, sun t..
Blue Splendor
large clump of cupped, puckered blue leaves; great specimen..
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Blue Umbrellas
large blue-green; puckered leaves are held erect..
Blue Veil
attractive blue clump with oval shaped leaves and good substance..
Blue Vision
gorgeous, large clump of chalky blue leaves; fast grower forms impressive clump..
Blueberry Muffin
strong grower and reliable performer; long-lasting blue foliage forms a medium sized mound of rounde..
light chartreuse with blue margins; cupped, rare sieboldiana-type..
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Bressingham Blue
deep blue sieboldiana type; heavy texture..

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