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Beyond Glory
a sport of 'Old Glory' with wider, dark green margins that measure up to 3 inches at the widest poin..
Big Daddy
deep blue, rounded, cupped and puckered leaves form impressive clump..
Big Mama
thick-substanced, blue-green leaves, intensely corrugated; beautiful specimen..
shiny leaves are bright green with yellow margins, turning ivory; a stunner..
Bix Blues
dense mound of incredibly blue foliage; from Ron Simmering of Davenport, IA; a cross of 'Halcyon' an..
attractive yellow clump with heart shaped leaves; very dark flower scapes..
Blaze of Glory
outstanding clump of blazing yellow foliage..
Blue Angel
huge mound; deep blue; heavy texture; impressive, perfectly layered mound..
Blue Arrow
striking, lance-shaped, frosty blue mound..
Blue Betty Lou
large, upright clump of large, deeply cupped, blue leaves with undulating margins..
Blue Blazes
large clump of heavily corrugated, blue leaves with substance; fast grower..
Blue Blush
one of the smaller Tardianas, and one of the bluest..
Blue Cadet
neat, dense blue-green clump..
Blue Diamond
medium-large mound of intensely blue foliage; good substance; one of the largest Tardianas..
Blue Dimples
dense mound of very blue leaves with good substance; a Tardiana..

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