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Grand Prize
a sport of 'Grand Tiara'; wide gold margins fading to cream by summer..
Grand Slam
classic mounded form with glossy green heart-shaped leaves with piecrust edges; red petioles and lav..
Gray Cole
large leafed sieboldiana type forms an impressive, gray-green clump..
Great Escape
This outstanding sport of 'Halcyon' differs from other 'Halcyon' sports in that the wide, white marg..
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Great Lakes Gold
large, upright mound of golden piecrust foliage; excellent form..
Green Acres
huge clump of shiny green foliage..
Green Angel
huge, green form of 'Blue Angel'; beautiful, layered monster of a clump..
large, open mound of glossy, rounded gold leaves with dark green margins; variegation becomes more p..
Guardian Angel
exciting, white centered form of 'Blue Angel'; centers may turn blue-green in summer..
Gypsy Rose
somewhat smaller version of 'Striptease', with brighter yellow centers..
Hadspen Blue
frosty blue; good substance; one of our favorite Tardianas..
Hadspen Samphire
incredibly bright yellow in spring, turning chartreuse later in summer..
spear-shaped, ribbed, blue leaves; one of the most popular Tardianas, for good reason..
Half and Half
sport of 'Lakeside Cupcake' that is brightly variegated right away in spring; dark green margins, pu..
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forms a vase shaped mound of bright blue foliage that is nicely cupped and wavy; good substance..
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