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Fire Island
brilliant yellow leaves with red petioles; the red extends onto the base of the leaf..
First Blush
spring foliage will start to "blush" red from the tip of the leaf down toward the base; red color ho..
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First Frost
fantastic sport of 'Halcyon'; beautiful blue leaves edged by creamy-yellow margins; looks great unti..
Flower Power
semi-upright mound of shiny, bright green foliage; 4-foot high scapes of fragrant flowers..
Fond Hope
a fine specimen clump of large, gray-green leaves with good texture..
Fort Knox
large, bright gold leaves with excellent substance; good specimen..
Fragrant Blue
small, frosty blue mound of heart shaped leaves..
Fragrant Bouquet
apple green base with wide, irregular, light yellow margins; fragrant white flowers..
Fragrant Dream
sport of 'Fragrant Bouquet'; dark green leaves with light yellow borders; fragrant near-white flower..
green wiith thin, white edge; fast grower..
Frances Williams
blue-green, puckered leaves with wide, gold borders; a sieboldiana type..
French Quarter
rich and colorful, starting off gold in the spring, developing into a rich orange-gold and then char..
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Fried Bananas
rounded, shiny gold foliage with fragrant flowers; a sport of 'Guacamole'..
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Fried Green Tomatoes
green sport of 'Guacamole'; fast grower; fragrant white flowers..
Frosted Dimples
textured blue leaves with crisp, creamy borders; thick leaves have a pebbled surface..

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