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a nearly three foot mound of blue-green shovel shaped leaves that are somewhat ruffled and puckered;..
A Many-splendored Thing
a large sieboldiana type selection from a 'Dorothy Benedict' x hypoleuca cross; large, almost round ..
green centered sport of 'Gold Drop'; fast grower; good companion to 'Amy Elizabeth'..
Abiqua Blue Crinkles
a wide mound of thick-substanced, heavily corrugated blue-green foliage..
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Abiqua Drinking Gourd
thick, blue-green foliage, deeply cupped and heavily corrugated..
Abiqua Trumpet
extremely cupped, seersuckered, blue-green foliage..
a wide margined sport of 'Climax'; large, green, heart-shaped leaves with striking, wide, yellow mar..
Aladdin's Lamp
solid gold, deeply cupped and corrugated foliage; good substance..
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Alex Summers
outstanding sport of 'Gold Regal' named for the co-founder and first president of the American Hosta..
Allegan Fog
shiny green margins around unusual, speckled variegated centers..
Alligator Shoes
large seer-suckered, frosty blue leaves with white margins; good grower likes shade..
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American Sweetheart
tetraploid version of 'Sea Thunder'; named in honor of hybridizer Mildred Seaver..
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Amy Elizabeth
light centered, green edged sport of 'Gold Drop'; good companion to 'Abby'..
Angel Falls
a white-centered sport of 'Niagara Falls'; arching foliage with deep pie-crust margins and a leaf ce..
Ann Kulpa
excellent specimen hosta with striking variegation; white centers, dark green margins with chartreus..
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