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Ginger Furls
(Ellison-GN) peach with pink veining and pink watermark; yellow eye turning green in the throat; be..
Glory Remains
(Ellison 2002) 24-28 inches-M-SE-DIP-5.5 inches; cream with lots of ruffles and great form..
Going Bananas
(Meyer 2004) 20 inches-M-RE-FR-SE-DIP-4 inches; lightly fragrant; tirelessly produces crepe-like lem..
Gold in the Fire
(Ellison 2004) 35 inches-EM-D-TET-5.5 inches; bright reddish-orange with a red eye and edge; green t..
Golden Tycoon
(Klehm 1988) 21 inches-L-D-FR-TET-6 inches: shockingly bright golden orange self with tightly ruffle..
Grandma's Garden
(Fred Smith-GN) 29 inches-M-D-DIP; mulberry-mauve with paler watermark and open gold throat..
Grape Velvet
(Wild 1978) 24 inches-M-D-DIP-4.5 inches; concord purple with green throat..
Happy Returns
(Apps 1986) 18 inches-M-RE-D-DIP-3 inches; yellow sister of Stella de Oro; excellent rebloomer..
Heavenly Treasure
(Reckamp-Klehm 1978) 30 inches-EM-D-TET-6.25 inches; apricot blend, lacy ruffles..
Heidi Eidelweiss
(Millikan 1984) 24 inches-ML-D-DIP-5 inches; near white, apple green throat..
(Griesbach-Klehm 1979) 32 inches-EM-D-TET-6 inches; bright rose-pink with ivory midribs..
Holiday, MO
(Fred Smith - GN) 28 inches-M-SE-DIP; very ruffled, large yellow..
Holy Smoke
(Pride 1981) 24 inches-M-D-TET-4.5 inches; smoky rose lavender blend..
Hot Town
(Stevens 1982) 28 inches-ML-D-TET-4.5 inches; orange-red with deeper red eyezone and small yellow th..
Hundredth Anniversary
(Wild 1984) 22 inches-M-D-DIP-5.5 inches; ruffled, diamond dusted, slightly creped medium fuchsia, ..

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