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Fire King
(Benz 1991) 30 inches-ML-D-TET-5.5 inches; brilliant orange, ruffled flowers with darker red-orange ..
Flames of Fortune
(Peck 1971) 30 inches-EM-D-TET-5.5 inches; deep melon self with flamingo throat, nocturnal..
(Romine 1979) 30 inches-M-D-TET-6 inches; burnt orange/red blend with prominent midribs..
(Childs 1981) 26 inches-M-FR-D-DIP-6 inches; lavender self with green throat; fragrant..
Fluzie, SC
(Fred Smith-GN) M; rose purple with wide pale yellow halo and yellow throat..
Fooled Me
(Reilly-Hein 1990) 24 inches-EM-D-TET-5.5 inches; winner of the Stout Silver Medal in 2005; flowers..
Fort Madison Firefly, IA
(Fred Smith - GN) 27 inches-ML-D-TET; cardinal red self with a green throat..
Fragrant Pastel Cheers
(Klehm 1990) 38 inches-M-FR-D-TET-5.5 inches; pastel yellow and pink blend, fragrant..
Freedom's Hope
(Ellison 2004) 37 inches-EM-SE-TET-5.5 inches; dusty red with a reddish purple eye and edge; picks u..
Fringed Blessings
(Reckamp/Klehm 2003) 22 inches-L-FR-D-TET-5.5 inches; highly ruffled and refined soft pastel-peach w..
Fritz Schroer
(Schroer 1961) 31 inches-EM-RE-EV-DIP-8.70:1 orange spider; rebloomer..
Future Edge
(Ellison 2006) 26 inches-ML-SEV-FR-TET-6 inches; pale peach petals blend to a wide yellow center; he..
Fuzz Bunny
(Lenington 1976) 22 inches-EM-RE-SE-DIP-3.5 inches; double, canary yellow self; a reliable rebloomer..
Gadsden Goliath
(Reinke 1990) 36 inches-EM-FR-SE-DIP-9.5 inches-5.00:1; red bloom with gold midribs; spider; fragran..
Garden Symphony
(Reckamp/Klehm 1993) 30 inches-EM-D-TET-6 inches; Brother Charles called this his symphony of pleasa..

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