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Chicago Weathermaster
(Marsh 1974) 20 inches-EM-SE-TET-6 inches; medium purple bitone, deeper center, green throat..
Chickasaw Maiden ,IA
(Fred Smith - GN) 20 inches-EM-D-DIP; purple bi-tone with light ribs..
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Chinese New Year
(Woodhall 1989) 28 inches-EM-D-TET-5.5 inches; hot red orange self with small yellow green throat..
Classic Rose
(Wilson-Leichhardt 1987) 25 inches-L-D-DIP-6 inches; rose pink flower with yellow throat; ruffled..
(Grooms 1977) 20 inches-M-D-DIP-4.5 inches; golden-orange double with lacey edges..
Cornucopia, WI
(Fred Smith - GN) 26 inches-EM-D-DIP; ruffled and saw toothed canary yellow; prolific bloomer; a cor..
Cranberry Country
(Ellison 2004) 28 inches-E-D-DIP-3 inches; intense cranberry blooms in abundance..
Crazy for Love
(Ellison 2005) 28 inches-ML-SE-TET-5.25 inches; bright red flowers with a yellow-green throat..
Creative Edge
(Stamile 1993) 22 inches-M-SE-TET-6 inches; lavender with a purple edge..
Crimson Sunset
(Belden 1985) 25-30 inches-M-D-TET-5 inches; cherry red with darker red halo, green throat..
Cupid Calling
(Carr 1998) 28 inches-M-EV-TET-5.25 inches; stunning red self with olive green throat..
Custard Candy
(Stamile 1989) 24 inches-EM-D-TET-4.25 inches; creamy yellow self with a maroon band, yellow waterm..
Daniel Pansegrau
(Ellison 1997) 18 inches-E-D-DIP-5.5 inches; rose with cream watermark..
Daring Deception
(Salter 1994) 24 inches-EM-SE-TET-5 inches; dusty cream-pink with large purple eye and pronounced pu..
Delicate Design
(Ferguson 1980) 28 inches-E-D-TET-6 inches; yellow with red-violet halo, red edge, and green yellow ..

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