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Techny Peach Lace
(Reckamp-Klehm 1988) 27 inches-L-D-TET-5 inches; peach and rose blend underlayed with gold..
Tennessee Ridge, TN
(Fred Smith - GN) 30 inches-M-D-TET; orange with red eyezone; fast grower and heavy bloomer..
Thumb Print
(Peck-Hardy 1970) 26 inches-M-D-TET-5 inches; red yellow and purple bi-color, lighter rib..
Tiger Swirl
(Rasmussen 2000) 32 inches-M-FR-D-TET-6.5 inches; huge flowers are light golden yellow with a pronou..
Tioga Royal Fire, IL
(Fred Smith - GN) 34 inches-M-D-DIP; dark purple with chartruse throat; ruffled..
Tropic Sunset
(Harris-Benz 1987) 24 inches-EM-D-TET-7 inches; light brick-red with dark eye; green throat..
Tuscawilla Tigress
(Hansen 1988) 25 inches-EM-SE-TET-7.25 inches; large flowers with gold midribs and darker orange eye..
Wayside Painted Lady
(Klehm-Elsley GN) 30 inches-M-D-TET-6.5 inches; rose-pink blend, lightly ruffled with green cast to ..
Wedding Band
(Stamile 1987) 26 inches-M-D-FR-6.5 inch; creamy white flower edged in yellow with green throat; a b..
White Temptation
(Sellers 1978) 32 inches-M-SE-DIP-5 inches; near white self with green throat, nocturnal..
Wild and Wonderful
(Stamile 2002) 26 inches-E-RE-SE-TET-8.5 inch; salmon-pink flowers have a red chevron eye and lime-g..
Wild One
(Wild 1978) 34 inches-M-D-DIP-7.25 inches; segments are blends of gold, orange, red with green radia..
Wild Turkey
(Griesbach-Klehm 1979) 24 inches-ML-FR-D-TET-6.5 inches; yellow self with green throat..
Willis and Hattie
(Henry 1982) 23 inches-ML-D-DIP-6.5 inches; butterscotch self; Pauline Henry's first introduction..
Wilson Spider
(Oakes 1987) 28 inches-M-D-DIP-7.5 inches; 4.60:1; big open blooms with large yellow throat and deep..

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