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South Seas
(Moldovan 1993) 32 inches-M-FR-D-TET-5.5 inches; lovely coral with a darker coral band; fragrant..
Spiritual Corridor
(Hanson 1992) 25 inches-EM-SE-TET-6 inches; gorgeous lavender pink with a prominent creamy yellow ey..
(Yonski 1990) 26 inches-L-RE-D-TET-5.5 inches; bright golden yellow flowers with ruffled petals; reb..
(Belden 1988) 26 inches-M-D-TET-5 inches; large coppery red blooms with soft white ruffled edges and..
Stella de Oro
(Jablonski 1975) 18 inches-EM-RE-D-DIP-2.75 inches; outstanding golden yellow from late spring throu..
Strawberry Candy
(Stamile 1989) 26 inches-EM-SE-TET-4.25 inches; strawberry pink with rose-red eyezone; Stout Silver ..
Strutter's Ball
(Moldovan 1984) 28 inches-M-D-TET-6 inches; black purple with very small silvery white watermark and..
Sun Dried Tomatoes
(Klehm 1995) 34 inches-ML-D-TET-6 inch; large, rich red, sunfast, glimmering diamond dusted flowers ..
Sunday Gloves
(LeBegue-Rogers 1985) 26 inches-EM-FR-D-DIP-5.25 inches; near-white blossoms with graceful ruffled e..
Sunrise Beach, MO
(Fred Smith - GN) M-DIP; huge, very bright lemon yellow; heavy bloomer..
Sunrise Special
(Fred Smith - GN) 20 inches-EM-DIP; light lemon yellow and pink blend with striking, bubbled, bright..
Sunshine's Blazing
(Ellison 2005) 27 inches-M-SE-TET-6 inches; intense pinkish orange with a deep pink eye and small bu..
Sweet Summer Valentine
(Salter) 24 inches-E-RE-SE-DIP-5 inches; 2008 All American Selection; peach pink with vivid burgund..
Tahitian Torch
(Reckamp 1969) 32 inches-ML-D-TET-6.5 inches; bright blend of pinkish orange and gold set off by gre..
Tango at Dusk
(Ellison-GN) 24 inches-M-5.5 inches; pastel lavender-pink with wide purple eye and ruffled purple ed..

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