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Pink Tangerine
(Rudolph 1978) 37 inches-EM-D-TET-6 inches; pink tangerine with light rose eye..
Pinochle Punch
(Ellison-GN) 24 inches-M-5.5 inches; pastel peach-pink blend with glowing gold bubbled edge and gold..
Power of Praise
(Ellison 2001) 25 inches-M-D-DIP-5.5 inches; very nice peach..
Prairie Angel
(Ellison 2004) 43 inches-M-D-TET-6.5 inches; deep mauve pink with a light gold throat and a gold bub..
Prairie Coral Glow
(Ellison 2003) 36-39 inches-L-D-TET-5.5 inches; coral-rose blooms; very high bud count..
Prairie Diamond Dust
(Ellison 1998) 24 inches-ML-D-DIP-5.5 inches; pink with cream bicolor; diamond dusted..
Prairie Pink Bouquet
(Ellison 1997) 22 inches-M-SE-DIP-6.25 inches; pink rose self..
Prairie Pink Sunset
(Ellison 1999) 28 inches-M-D-TET-4.5 inches; peach-pink with gold edge..
Prairie Rose Surprise
(Ellison 1998) 29 inches-ML-D-DIP-5.5 inhces; true pink self with green throat; very ruffled..
Precious Diadem
(Ellison 2007) 27 inches-M-SE-TET-5 inch; cream pink blush blend with rose eye and yellow bubbled e..
Primal Scream
(Hanson 1994) 34 inches-ML-D-TET-7.5 inches; huge, tangerine orange, gold dusted blooms with twisted..
Princeton Red Covered Bridge
(Ellison - GN) ML-DIP; bright red petals with green throat and white highlight on midrib..
Princeton Tradition
(Ellison - GN) E-TET; medium-reddish purple with a yellow edge and big yellow throat; light midribs..
Pumpkin Parade
(Klehm 2003) 32 inches-M-D-TET-6 inches solid pumpkin-gold with deep pumpkin-orange radiating throat..
Purple de Oro
(DeGroot 2000) 16 inches-M-RE-D-DIP-3 inches; dark purple with light midribs and edges; rebloomer..

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