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As we approach the end of the 2020 season, we still have some beautiful perennials in stock. The listing here is not complete and you will find additional items in stock at the garden center. 

The perennials are listed by their botanical name. For example, if you are looking for coneflowers, they are listed under Echinacea. You can Google the common name you are seeking to find the botanical name. 

Perennials can not be shipped and are available at the garden center or for pickup or delivery
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Centaurea 'Amethyst Dream'
(Bachelor's Button) long blooming deep purple button-head flowers throughout the summer; 14-16 inche..
Centaurea 'Amethyst in Snow'
(Perennial Bachelor Button, Cornflower) large buds burst to reveal pure white trumpet-shaped petals;..
Centaurea 'Blue'
(Perennial Bachelor Button, Cornflower) blue fringed blooms; attracts butterflies; favorite cut flow..
Euphorbia polychroma
(Cushion Spurge) attractive hemispherical mound that grows about a foot high; vivid bright yellow br..
Galium odoratum
(Sweet Woodruff) excellent ground cover for shade or part shade; likes moist, slightly acidic areas ..
Grass Carex 'Ice Dance'
(Variegated Sedge) compact tufts of 1/2 inch wide, dark green leaves with clear white borders; excel..
Heuchera 'Northern Exposure Red'
(Coral Bells) dark red leaves form a dense clump, with yellow flowers in spring; The Northen Exposu..
Heuchera 'Palace Purple'
(Coral Bells) lovely, mahogany-red foliage makes an impact all season long; a profusion of small buf..
Heuchera 'Plum Pudding'
(Coral Bells) shimmering plum-purple foliage with silver veining; good tight habit; one of our favor..
Iris s. 'Caesar's Brother'
(Siberian Iris) rich deep blue flowers on 42 inch stems; very smooth look; sun to part shade; Zone ..
Iris s. 'Cape Cod Boys'
(Siberian Iris) periwinkle blue flowers with dark blue veining and prominent clear lemon yellow sig..
Iris s. 'Kaboom'
(Siberian Iris) large, 6 inch double blue-violet flowers with a gold and white sunburst blaze; grow..
Iris s. 'Over in Gloryland'
(Siberian Iris) a jazzy tetraploid; opens dark velvety blue-purple with gold blaze, transforming int..
Iris s. 'Sunfisher'
(Siberian Iris) light yellow standards and deeper yellow falls; one of the earliest to bloom; 28 in..
Iris s. 'Swans in Flight'
(Siberian Iris) extremely large, 5in ivory-white flowers look like a blanket of white blooms when p..
Liatris 'Kobold Original'
(Gayfeather, Blazing Star) compact plant with spikes of rosy-purple flowers July-September; good cu..
Liriope 'Big Blue'
(Lily Turf) dark green foliage and showy, lavender flowers; sun or shade; 12-15 inches; Zone 5..
Peony 'Cameo Lullaby'
(Garden Peony) beautifully formed soft, cameo pink single blooms; buds open sort of like a tulip; ea..
Peony 'Do Tell'
(Garden Peony) Japanese; soft, shell pink with smooth guard petals that complement the rose pink and..
Peony 'Fernleaf' single Rose
single, deep magenta blooms; early blooming with fine, fern-like foliage; sun to part shade..
Peony 'Miss Congeniality'
(Garden Peony) Japanese type; a combination of cerise pink and soft salmon with red stigmas; late mi..
Peony 'Princess Bride'
(Garden Peony) pure white bomb with large, rounded and cupped guard petals; excellent cut flower; b..
Peony i.h. 'Bartzella'
(Intersectional Peony) cross between garden peony type and tree peony type; fragrant, 6 inch lemon-y..
Polygonatum 'Variegatum'
(Variegated Solomon's Seal) colonizing plant for part to full shade; white edged leaves on arching s..
Salvia 'Bumblesnow'
(Meadow Sage) pure white flowers in late spring to early summer; a shorter stature makes for a perf..
Salvia 'Caradonna'
(Meadow Sage) unique, glowing purple stems; blue-violet flowers up to 24 inches; attracts butterfli..
Salvia 'Moulin Rouge'
(Meadow Sage) dark, deep rose buds open to huge, rosy pink flower spikes in late spring to early sum..
Salvia Color Spires® 'Pink Dawn'
(Meadow Sage) fuchsia buds open into cotton candy pink blooms held on thick, dark, well-branched st..
Sanguisorba 'Little Angel'
(Burnet) tiny deep green leaves with creamy white margins form a dense petite clump; oval-shaped ros..
Sedum 'Flaming Carpet'
(Stonecrop) three plants potted in one for a groundcover combo - 'Angelina' (bright yellow foliage),..
Sedum 'Lemonjade'
(Stonecrop) large panicles of citron yellow flowers completely cover the foliage in fall; grey-green..
Sedum 'Little Miss Sunshine'
(Stonecrop) tiny clusters of yellow flowers on a compact, tidy clump of dark green, glossy foliage;..
Sedum 'Pride and Joy'
(Stonecrop) blue-green, serrated foliage forms a semi-upright clump that is completely covered by a..
Sedum ellacombianum
(Stonecrop) excellent ground cover for sunny areas; shiny green foliage; lovely mounds of lemon-yel..
Sedum Sunsparkler® 'Lime Zinger'
(Stonecrop) apple green leaves edged in cherry red form a tight, weed-suppressing, low growing carpe..
Sedum SunSparkler® Angelina's Teacup
(Stonecrop) forms a tight mounding clump with very fine chartreuse needle like foliage; leaves will..
Sempervivum 'Pacific Blue Ice'
(Hen & Chicks) icy blue-green rosettes become flushed with rose hues in cooler weather; a unique cup..
Sempervivum 'Peggy'
(Hen & Chicks) leaves are purple in spring and transition to deep red in summer; 4-6 inches; full s..
Sempervivum 'Ruby Heart'
(Hen & Chicks) rosettes of silvery blue to blue-green leaves are flushed rosy red; pinkish purple fl..
Stachys 'Hummelo'
(Common Betony) green basal rosettes; rose-lavender spikes in summer; sun; 18-20 inches; Zone 4..
Stokesia 'Peachie's Pick'
(Stokes' Aster) large lavender-pink flowers; blooms much longer and a bit later than other varieties..
Tradescantia 'Charlotte's Web'
(Spiderwort) a gold foliage Spiderwort that doesn't burn in the sun!; chartreuse foliage transition..
Tradescantia 'Concord Grape'
(Spiderwort) attractive, frosty blue foliage with rich purple flowers; long flowering; sun to part s..
Tradescantia Amethyst Kiss
(Spiderwort) large clusters of periwinkle blue flowers are longer blooming than older cultivars; 12-..
Vinca 'Ralph Shugert'
(Variegated Periwinkle) variegated selection with dark green leaves neatly trimmed with a thin unif..

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