Ordering and Shipping

SHIPPING    **We plan to resume 2020 shipping in late April.**

We ship hostas and daylilies. We ship US Postal Service Priority Mail; shipping only on Mondays and Tuesdays allowing plants to arrive before the weekend. Shipping costs are $10 for the first 5 plants and .50 for each additional plant. Please note: shipping costs for the larger "clump" hostas and daylilies are $12 per clump. 


We take orders all year for hostas, and ship from mid-April through October 10th. When you order by phone or online you receive the same one gallon hosta that customers shopping here at the nursery pick up. We take them out of their one gallon pot, wrap the roots in plastic wrap, and ship them bareroot.



  1. Most of our customers come and walk through our field during bloom season (generally the first three weeks in July), pick out the varieties they like, and place their orders here. These orders are dug in early August, after the main bloom season is over.

  2. Online orders can be placed at any time. However, we only ship between early April until October 10, and we generally avoid digging and shipping in the middle of the July bloom season.

  3. We also take orders by phone.

Pick-up or ship: Customers can elect to pick up their orders on a certain date, or we can mail them between early April and October 10.


Each spring we dig and pot up around 40 of our best selling varieties. These can be purchased at our nursery and planted at any time during the growing season.


More and more customers are electing to buy their daylilies in clumps. We don't dig our bareroot orders during the bloom season because we don't want to divide clumps (and disturb the bloom) at that time. However, if you want the whole clump, we will dig it right there on the spot, drop it in a plastic bag, and send you on your way with a mature clump. Prices vary (generally between $15 and $50) depending on the variety and the number of divisions in the clump. Clumps are not offered online, but they can be shipped. Call or email to check for availability and prices of any certain variety. Shipping is $12.00 per clump.

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